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LED lighting is efficient and long lasting. Despite the higher cost of the light bulbs, their low energy use and long life means they are likely to replace standard incandescent lighting and possibly CFL’s as well. LED lighting is available for a wide variety of fixtures and uses in homes and businesses.

Another great idea is programmable lighting for both interior and exterior uses. A driveway light that comes on each evening can help you or your spouse get indoors more safely. A light that is on a timer saves you money and energy, since it is only on when you need it.

Also high on the list of energy saving devices are motion sensors. If you or anyone else in your house has ever gotten up at night and fumbled around looking for a light switch, then these sensors are for you. Halls, kitchen, or the garage; a sensor can work in any area of your home.

Businesses can save tons of money by installing motion sensors, making it easy to stop wasting electricity when no one’s in the building or office space.

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